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Nov 30 2017

HEATSTACK – 3rd GA Meeting

HEATSTACK’s third General Assembly Meeting was held this week.

The purpose of this meeting was to conduct a thorough review of project progress in the first half of HEATSTACK, including the challenges overcome and milestones reached, as well as plan ahead for the second half of the project with a particular focus on the next 6 months.

Topics discussed included the achievements and next steps for a wide range of key activities across the project:

  • design of the cathode air preheater (CAPH) and new process tooling/equipment;
  • fuel cell stack design optimisation and process development;
  • materials research and testing;
  • SOFC mCHP system build and testing; and
  • heat exchanger design evaluation, prototyping and testing.

The meeting was kindly hosted by project partner the University of Birmingham, at the picturesque setting of Winterbourne House in the Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of the university campus.

The photo on this article shows team members from across the HEATSTACK consortium, with attendees at the meeting being: Charlie Penny and Gary Norman (from project coordinator Senior Flexonics), Prof. Dr. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens Kun Zhang, Mélissa Oum and Sathish Pandiyan (all from our meeting hosts, the University of Birmingham), James Craven and James Hughes (PNO UK), Dr. Christian Walter and Frank Mittmann (Sunfire), Jochen Paulus (Vaillant) and Carlo Tregambe (ICI Caldaie).

GA Meeting in progress


  • Senior Flexonics
  • Vaillant
  • University of Birmingham
  • ICI Caldaie
  • PNO Consultants UK
  • Sunfire

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