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HEATSTACK Brochure (2020)

HEATSTACK – presentation from The Funding Box webinar

Journal of the Electrochemical Society – ECS Transactions 91(2019), 2253-2260; 10.1149/09101.2253ecst

The Effect of Pre-heat Treatment of AluChrom 318 on the Corrosion Behaviour and Cr Evaporation in SOFC Cathode Air Pre-heater. (K. Zhang, A. El-kharouf, R. Steinberger-Wilckens)

Open access link here.


SOFC XVI – presentation by Kun Zhang of University of Birmingham

Bruges FC workshop presentations

Bruges 2019 FC workshop programme

HEATSTACK Project Brochure – Years 2 and 3 (2018-2019) – revised edition

FC JU Programme Review Days 2018 – HEATSTACK presentation

HEATSTACK Project Brochure – Years 2 and 3 (2018-2019) – original edition

Aluchrom Cathode Air Pre Heaters – presentation by Senior Flexonics

11th Bruges Workshop on Fuel Cell Systems – HEATSTACK Presentation by Kun Zhang of University of Birmingham

EFCF 2018 – HEATSTACK poster (University of Birmingham)

HEATSTACK Project Brochure – Year 1 (2017)

HEATSTACK Year 1 (2017) Project Summary

SOFC XV – presentation by Kun Zhang of the University of Birmingham

Science Direct (October 2016) and Fuel Cells Bulletin – Volume 2016, Issue 9, Page 12 (September 2016):
HEATSTACK to cut cost of components in fuel cell mCHP
*   Sample (free to view) or full article (available to purchase)

Journal of the Electrochemical Society (ECS Trans. 2017 78(1): 1641-1651; doi:10.1149/07801.1641ecst):
Effect of Alloy Composition on the Oxidation Behaviour and Cr Vaporisation of High-Cr Steels for SOFC Cathode Air Preheater (Kun Zhang, Jong-Eun Hong, and Robert Steinberger-Wilckens)
*   Open access link


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