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May 14 2019

HEATSTACK – presentation of final project results

As we approach the end of HEATSTACK as a project, the partners are presenting the key achievements and results from the activity undertaken during the last 3 years.

We are therefore pleased to announce that an official presentation will take place during the 12th Progress in Fuel Cell Systems event that is taking place in Bruges (Belgium) on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd May. HEATSTACK will feature in a panel discussion chaired by Charlie Penny of Senior Flexonics (UK). Project results will be presented by Senior Flexonics, Sunfire (Germany), ICI Caldaie (Italy), and the University of Birmingham (UK) with presentations:

  • Sunfire: Status of the development and manufacturing of Sunfire-Home
  • ICI Caldaie: Gas/Gas heat exchanger for process intensification
  • Senior Flexonics: Design and manufacture of Cathode Air Pre-Heaters
  • University of Birmingham: Chromium release and corrosion on SOFC heat exchangers

For further details on the HEATSTACK project partners, please click here.

The agenda for the event is included in our Public Materials section, please click here.

Progress in Fuel Cell Systems is an annual workshop series that has been taking place since 2008 to bring together industry, research and academia that are active in the field of Fuel Cell System technology. The objectives include enabling exchange of information, with themes such as state-of-the-art, best practice, novel developments on experiences from operating fuel cell systems, balance of plant components, operating strategies, lifetime and durability, and market development. The event is jointly managed by the University of Birmingham and participants will benefit from access to some of the best worldwide knowledge in fuel cell systems.

More information about the event itself can be found here:

If you would like to attend the event for the sessions on HEATSTACK please contact us.


HEATSTACK’s presentations from this event are now available in the Public Materials section of this website and here are 2 photos from the event:

Workshop presentations


Workshop presentation


  • Senior Flexonics
  • Vaillant
  • University of Birmingham
  • ICI Caldaie
  • PNO Consultants UK
  • Sunfire

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