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Oct 22 2018

Sunfire fuel cell expansion to benefit HEATSTACK

Sunfire GmbH, a partner of this project, has recently announced an expansion of their activities in fuel cells with Sunfire acquiring all shares of new enerday GmbH, a specialist of small fuel cells for remote and residential applications, from 1st October 2018.

Sunfire develops and produces steam electrolysers (SOEC) and high temperature fuel cells (SOFC). Whilst their Dresden site will continue to concentrate on R&D, the fuel cell activities will be concentrated at the new location in Neubrandenburg.

In addition, this realignment sees a change to Sunfire and Vaillant’s longstanding relationship, as Sunfire take over patent licenses and the necessary know-how of the system development exclusively from Vaillant.

This will benefit HEATSTACK because Sunfire has taken on Vaillant’s role as developer of the fuel cell system, not just the fuel cell stack developer. Furthermore, there is the potential for key learnings to be shared between HEATSTACK and PACE as Sunfire continues their development.

Sunfire’s press release is available to read on their website:


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